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At any time, you can write to:

Technical support and free update are available only for those customers who have bought Megasoft2000 programs from the sites of the following companies:

  • Palm, Inc
  • DigiBuy
  • Handango
  • PalmGear
  • Dragiton
  • @irBitway

We quickly respond to all questions submitted to one of these E-mail addresses in the order they are received. Messages are normally answered within 24 hours, excluding holidays.

Make sure that your message contains a valid return address. In particular, be sure to remove the "anti-spamming" parts, if any, from your return address.
Please note that we provide customer support in English language only.

Please E-mail if you encountered an error. In your mail please specify:
  • Which OS version are you running?
  • Software name and version.
  • Device type.
  • Description of the problem (as many details as possible so that we can determine the problem).
If you have any comments or questions regarding our software, first make sure that you are using the latest version.

We offer the following services to private and corporate customers:

1. Development of Palm OS platforms software
2. Licensing of Megasoft2000 company software
3. Acquisition of exclusive right of possession and sale of Megasoft2000 company software 

Should the services mentioned above be of interest to you, please address to: